Q: Do I have to register?
A: No registration, just be there.

Q: Is there a mailing list?
A: Yes, to be added to the mailing list for upcoming drawing events contact Ed Vermehren at info@beaconfiguredrawing.com

Q: Is there an instructor?
A: No instructor, we have a lead who times the model and keeps to schedule.

Q: What If I can’t get to Spire Studios on time?
A: Get there whenever you want.

Q: How much seating is available?
A: We have plenty of folding chairs and two couches, we also have two tables that can accommodate three artists. Feel free to show up 10 minutes early to stake your claim or help set up. Set up is lighting, seating, radio, wine, claiming your space and more.....

Q: What am I paying for? A: The nude professional model.

Q: Do we pay for the space?
A: No, we're accommodated by the artists of Spire Studios for no charge. When you see a Spire artist thank them for there hospitality. Current studio artists at Spire

Charcoal Drawing Supplies!Q: Can I pay at a discounted rate for multiple classes?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Is there music?
A: Yes, the radio station WFUV or Radio Woodstock!

Q: Are there cats and or dogs?
A: Yes occasionally

Q: How do I get into Spire?
A: The door on the west side of the building is usually wide open just head up the stairs or get there before 7:00pm and you should see other artists entering the building. Floorplan of Spire On the Floorplan take notice to the stairs on either side of the building leading up to the second floor Gallery Lounge in the center.

Q: Red or White Wine?
A: Both. Feel free to bring a bottle, everyone loves wine tasting.